Data maintenance and automation

Optimising and having optimised

Thanks to the numerous automated functions in deltaPIM, data maintenance is child’s play. In close consultation with us, you will find exactly the right approach as to which data needs to be stored individually and which content can be created automatically.

Analyse and optimise product data

We often find basic product data in ERP systems, image material and data sheets on servers, differently formatted description texts in product managers' systems and technical data in Excel lists. We bring structure to this diversity: we develop scripts for automatic import into deltaPIM and carry out manual data optimisation where necessary. The key to success lies in close cooperation and open communication with our project partners.

Automatic data flows

Not only is data transfer from your system to the online channels important, but also the other way round: from the online channel back to the PIM. We analyse these data flows and create interfaces for automated data transfer. Using our middleware, we make the data exchange via these APIs visible and transparent by taking over the control and process monitoring of the individual interfaces. This minimises errors.

Enrichment with maximum efficiency

Once the data has been transferred to the deltaPIM, we concentrate on enriching it and connecting it to the desired output formats. We precisely analyse the required data formats and ensure that each output channel receives the right information via a dedicated interface.

Start your data journey with us

We invite you to take the first step. Simply contact us by phone or email and let us transform your data together. We look forward to supporting your digitalisation projects with our expertise in data maintenance.

Our prices for the deltaPIM

Basic package

One-off costs 2.999 € | per month 799 €
  • up to 10,000 products
  • SSL encryption
  • own domain
  • Telephone support

Premium package

Prices on request
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Data analysis
  • Connection to marketplaces
  • ERP system connection