Making interfaces visible

Middleware guarantees transparency

The best data can only be utilised effectively if you have automated the distribution to the various sales channels. Customised interfaces create a solution here that makes the data flows visible via the middleware.

Optimise your data distribution

In a landscape characterised by digital platforms such as Amazon, Google Shopping, Otto, eBay and your own online shops with B2C and B2B channels, precise data and process control is essential. Our middleware is the centrepiece of this control - it seamlessly connects your business systems such as Dynamics, NAV, SAP or industry-specific ERPs with the digital world. A short "time to market" is guaranteed.

More than just product information

While deltaPIM manages your product data, there is much more at stake in the B2B sector: current customer status, customised pricing and real-time stock levels are crucial here, as is the automated import of orders into your system. Our middleware takes care of all these aspects by creating an efficient link between your ERP system and various online platforms.

Flexible and future-proof

Flexibility is our top priority. We are prepared for the fact that market participants and networking models can change constantly. Our middleware is designed to adapt to such changes, whether you want to expand your B2C shop into a multi-store for different target groups or face other challenges.

A good plan is the key to success

The success of our middleware is based on careful planning. We start with a detailed analysis of your interfaces, data sources and systems in order to create a reliable cost estimate and a realistic schedule. With this approach, we guarantee an agile and timely implementation of your digital strategy.

Our prices for the deltaPIM

Basic package

One-off costs 2.999 € | per month 799 €
  • up to 10,000 products
  • SSL encryption
  • own domain
  • Telephone support

Premium package

Prices on request
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Data analysis
  • Connection to marketplaces
  • ERP system connection